Duterte Supporters Uses Foul Words To Praise Him! Must Read!

Ever since Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he will be running in the Presidential Elections, his supporters rejoiced. But not all people are happy with it. 

Some people just see the negative things that he possess, such as the foul language and his womanizing. 

But his supporters a will not back down from telling how much he changed the City of Davao with his strict implementation of laws that created a great city for the citizens of Davao. 

One supporter who is named Jaime Ceferino Cordero Soledad VI created a sarcastic post which used the foul language that Duterte often uses. Then she inserted all the positive things that Duterte was able to implement. 

After this post had gone viral the people are now often using the curse that was gotten from Duterte's issues.
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