After Finding Out The Effect Of It, You Will Not Even Consider Using Cotton Swabs In Cleaning Your Ears Again!

Ears are really sensitive when it comes to the body parts. It is one of those parts that requires a lot of attention when it is being cleaned. 

The people had known the cotton swabs as the equipment that they need to clean their ears. But based on the research that was done by experts, cotton swabs could damage the inner ear. 

The cotton swabs are just going to push the ear waxes back into the ear canal that could damage the inner ear. 

The effective remedy includes a piece of cloth which is wet, then you could use that to clean off the wax that is visible from the outside. 

The home remedies that could replace your Q-tips or the Cotton Swabs are as follows:

1. Mineral oil or Baby oil
2. White Vinegar and Alcohol

Be sure that whenever you pour something inside your ear forcefully. Make sure that you would put it gently.

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