Ella Cruz Vs Young Girl In A Dance Battle You Shouldn't Miss!

In this generation, almost everyone can't stop dancing to the beat of the songs that are being produced today. The upbeat songs today will surely make you want to dance all night long. 

This is the reason why more and more dance covers are being uploaded online. People love to watch others as they gracefully dance in front of the camera. 

Ella Cruz became more popular than ever before when she uploaded her video dancing to the tune of Twerk It Like Miley. Ever since that video went viral, the netizens kept waiting for her newest dance cover. She was later dubbed as the Teen Dance Princess. 

But now, the people are thrilled when a young girl was compared to Ella Cruz as she danced their choreography to the tune of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'. At her young age, she was able to execute the difficult dance steps that Ella and her choreographers created. 

This young girl could be the next big thing over the internet. 

Source: ExtremeReaders

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