Emotional Angelica Yap Delivers Her Eulogy For Her Mother Teresa! Heart Breaking!

A shocking incident happened to the mother of Angelica Yap when she was shot at the back of her head by an unidentified gunman. 

On Sunday, a final mass was held for her mother. Angelica had the chance to say her eulogy for her. As she speaks, tears started falling from her eyes. 

She recalled all the memories that her mother along with the whole family had together. Even the little things that they usually had fought over. 

Angelica claims that her mother scolds her which gets her too irritated. But now that she had left them, she misses everything that her mother does to her. 

Ever since her mother passed away, Angelica needed to take over the duties and responsibilities of her mom to look after her sibling as she was currently working.

Pastillas Girl gives emotional eulogy for mom
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Sunday, December 6, 2015

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