Father Willingly Sells His Kidneys To Support The Medical Treatment Of His Three Obese Children!

When the time comes that you will be having your own children, you will forget everything for the sake of  your children even if it means risking your own health. 

A father who lives in the Western India proves his love for his children by willingly selling his kidneys to provide for the treatment of his three obese children.

He has three wonderful children who are all overweight. The 5-year-old has a weight of 34kg followed by the 3-year-old that weighs 48kg while the 18-month-old weighs 15kg. 

Their father claims that his living could not support all of the needs of his children. He only earns $48 every month while the total amount that they spend amounts up to $160. 

These children have a bigger problem, they could not walk all by themselves. They find it difficult to even move without help. 

The father says that the only option that he has is to sell his kidneys so that the kids would have the medical attention that they needed. 

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