First Human Head Transplant To Happen In 2017 According To An Italian Doctor!

A doctor claims that in two years, the first ever head transplant is bound to happen. This is based on the positive insights of the Italian doctor named Segio Canavero who believes that it is not impossible to extend the lives of the humans by using another body from a completely healthy head. 

He first made the proposal back in 2013 for the head transplantation. 

The procedure needs to have the body and the head of the donor at a cool place so that the cell would not die. Then a sharp blade would be used to cut it directly through the spinal cords. Then it will be attached to the patient's head, which will result to a coma for several weeks. 

However, there are doctors who claim that this operation would not be successful since there are a lot of loopholes in the procedure. 

If ever this event would take place, the amount needed for head swapping would be $13 million.

Source: KickerDaily

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