The Hidden Secret Of Mona Lisa Was Revealed By A French Scientist! UNBELIEVABLE!

There had been a lot of controversies and speculations that there is a secret underneath the famous Mona Lisa smile.

A French Scientist named Pascal Cotte had been studying the masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci for more than 10 years. He uses the Layer Amplification Method when he analyzed the painting of Mona Lisa.

He claims that there is more to it other than the Mona Lisa painting. He had a speculation that another image of a woman looking from a distance was behind the face of the present painting.

"The results shatter many myths and alter our vision of Leonardo's masterpiece forever. When I finished the reconstruction of Lisa Gherardini [the Mona Lisa], I was in front of the portrait and she is totally different to the Mona Lisa today. This is not the same woman," Cotte said.

Even though there are speculations, the beliefs of the people towards Mona Lisa would still be the same. It is still a wonderful painting done by a great artist.

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