Hot Topic: Conversation Of the Ex-Girlfriend And The New Girlfriend Trends On Social Media!

A trending conversation has caught the attention of the netizens once again. It was a conversation between the  'new girlfriend' and the 'ex-girlfriend' of this man. 

The ex-girlfriend is named Anette LM from Makati captures a screenshot of the messages of her ex's new girlfriend. It was a rude message that was sent to her on Christmas eve. She had to think twice before posting the conversation but the girl named Phoebe Alison started calling her names which resulted to her posting in on Facebook. 

It was then when on of the most followed personality in social media Senyora SantibaƱez featured it on her page claiming that it is a #MaglulupaSerye.

Many people now are still waiting for the update with regards to this matter. Some claims that we should never judge quickly by what is posted online because there might be a reason why she is doing this.

Source: CoolBuster

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