Hottest And Newest Sensual Dance Craze, Kizomba Dance

A sensual flash mob was spotted on the streets of Mexico. It is a time where the woman who are willing to dance the Kizomba gathered to perform the dance that they have prepared together. 

Kizomba is another term that has a definition of 'party'. It is a form of dance where as the different rhythms and cultures are being mixed together to form a very sensual dance. 

It is a combination of lamp, milonga, zouk zemba Angola and tango. 

This type of dance is usually danced in pairs, but as seen on the video dancing it solo is quite effective too. 

These women wearing a pair of jeans and high heels grooved smoothly to the tune of the song as they were shaking and swaying their hips all around. 

Source: YouTube

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