Husband Found Out That His Wife Was Born A Man After 10 years! What The Husband Told Her Was Unbelievable!

After this Belgian man found out that his wife was born a man, he wants to get his marriage annulled immediately. 

The 64-year-old man named Jan and his wife Monica married each other way back in 1993. There were struggles in fixing the papers but Jan managed to bring her to Belgium and start their life there. 

The Courts in Belgium were having second thoughts about the authenticity and identity of the information given by Monica. But they still approved her application despite having doubts about this woman. 

In a question that Jan answered in the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper, he claims that he have been assaulted after discovering that his wife has undergone a major operation turning her gender from a man to a woman. 

Monica said to Jan that she did not want any children because she already have two from her previous marriage. Using sanitary towels, Monica pretends to have menstruation. 

Jan confronted Monica after seeing the messages of other men on Monica's computer. That was then when she finally admitted the surgery done to her. 

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