If You See A Child Sitting Like This, Better Stop Them Immediately! The Reason? Shocking!

Children likes to sit down everywhere they go. Most of the time they do not care how and where they are sitting as long as it provides comfort for them. 

One of the most common positions that the kids like to sit into is the 'W' position. Whereas the legs and feet are forming a W shape. 

Not many know, but this kind of position might bring harm to the body of the children, despite the balance and comfort that it brings. 

It gives an unusual amount of stress on the hips and the knees of the child, which makes it harmful to them. This position also decreases the ability of the body of the child to be able to rotate their body. 

The position also puts the spine of the child in danger since it is in the curved angle when a child does the 'W' position. 

Experts claim that there are other alternative positions that can be taught to the children to avoid these damages. 

Source: Diply

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