It Is The Loss Of The Filipinos If Duterte Does Not Win, Said The Davaoena!

Now that the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has finally announced that he is running for the presidential elections. Many people rejoiced saying that Duterte would be the leader that the country need. 

However, there are some who continues to create issues and controversies against the politician. They have been judging him for having slain several criminals which he admitted and also towards the issue of womanizing

But one woman took the courage to tell the Filipinos what they would be losing if Mayor Duterte would no be elected as the President of the Philippines. 

The woman named Akiko Condez, posted her opinion which became viral over the social media sites. 

He said that even if Mayor Duterte does not win, he could always go back to Davao and they will be welcoming him with open arms. 

“The people of Davao can just sit here and laugh it off while you continue to suffer with heavy traffic and crime and corruption,” Akiko added. 

Meanwhile some claims that they would rather have a womanizer yet honest president rather than someon who pretends to be religious but secretly corrupts the funds of the country.

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