Janella Releases Her Statement After Being Offended When A Host Forgot Her Name! MUST READ!

Janella Salvador finally gives her statement about the post of her mother, Jenine Desiderio on her social media account saying that a host had forgotten the name of her daughter as they were at an event. 

The status was posted on December 5 claiming, "We do not expect to be recognized by all of mankind. But when you're a host it's your job to at least know the name of the artist you will be introducing...even just the first name..esp if she currently appears in your brand's tvc & has done so for almost 3 years."

Janella claims that she understands where her mother is coming from.

She admitted that she was offended when the host forgot her name, especially that they were working for that same brand.

Janella said, “It’s from an endorsement kasi. Hindi ko na babanggitin kung anong endorsement. Siyempre, you should know your endorser if you’re from that company.”

It was their job to know their guests. 

She said that she had forgiven that person even though they had forgotten to apologize.

Source: Abs-cbn

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