This Man Bought These Turtles Then Does This, Can't Believe This!

As we grew older, it has been a trademark that superheroes wear their costumes and have their amazing super powers. 

But in reality, there are no superheroes that have super powers. Instead, they are wearing normal clothes, but do extraordinary acts that is worthy of the title, 'HERO'.

This man named Aaron Culling was hailed a hero for saving the lives of these marine sea turtles from the hands of the people who would do anything for the sake of money. 

He bought the alive turtles from the food market. He saved them from being a part of an exotic dish. 

After buying the turtles, he went to the nearest beach which is 5km and there he released the poor animals that are close to extinction

Aaron posted on his Facebook page saying, "Found these at a local market. Got them for 50 bucks, drove 5km up the road and let them go."

People like Aaron Culling is what the world needs. Once again, the faith in humanity is restored.

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