The Dead Man In The Funeral Wake Came Back To Life? Check Out His Story!

The Faeldog family was mourning for days because of their dead relative named Junmar Faeldog.
Junmar Faeldog was missing since January and when they found a dead man who has the same features as Junmar such as the height and mole at the back of the neck, they assumed that it was him.
It was a great surprise for the whole family when they discovered that Junmar was still alive. One of them was able to chat with him on Facebook.

To prove that he is really alive, he showed up to the funeral wake intended for him. He also revealed that he was gone for a long time because he went away with his girlfriend.

He claims that he find it funny at the same time scary when he learned that his relatives was mourning for him.

The body they had is still unidentified and no one is claiming it until now. Even though they don't know the identity of the person, they are still willing to pay for the fees of the wake service.
The Faeldog family said that what's important is that they are still complete and Junmar is still alive.

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