Man Tries To Catch A Woman Who Fell From The 11th Floor Of The Building! SHOCKING!

A man is being hailed as a true hero in China for his heroic act of catching a woman who jumped off the 11th floor of a high-rise building.

This incident took place at the Enchi City in China's Hubei Province. The hero was identified as Mr. Feng who was about to leave the restaurant when he heard the screams of the people who were witnessing the suicide attempt of a woman.

He did not think twice about what he was about to do when he saw that the woman was already falling down from the 11th floor. Mr. Feng had his arms wide open waiting to catch the woman.

Due to what happened, Mr. Feng suffered from major injuries because of the force of the collision.

The woman did not survive the fall. But Mr. Feng did not regret trying to save her.

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