This Man Tries To Take Down A Massive Tree, Take A Closer Look And See The Unexpected Result! IMPRESSIVE!

They say that nature has its own way on how to take revenge on the humans who are constantly making acts to destroy them. 

This husband and wife who live in Julian, NC had the perfect idea to film while they were trying to uproot a massive tree. 

As seen on the video, a rope was tied at the back of their pick-up truck. The other end was seen on the tree. 

All people who would see this video would think that this is indeed going to end in a horrible incident. Some were even expecting that the trunk of the car would come flying all around because what they are going to do is close to impossible. Without a help of a chainsaw, it is not good to take down the tree

The wife signaled that the tree was going to come out now. But when you reach the end of the video you will realize that they just took down a tiny piece of a tree. It was not even a full-grown tree. The netizens who have seen this find this video tricky and hilarious at the same time. 

Source: LittleThings

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