A Manatee Was Spotted Swimming Near This Girl, Her Reaction Was Indeed Priceless!

Manatees are known to be a gentle mammal in the marine diversity. These giant creatures are also known as sea cows. Behind their thick grayish skin is a good creature that does no harm to the mankind. 

But this woman who was seen swimming in the waters who spotted a manatee, panicked when she first laid her eyes on the mammal. 

She thought that this is one of those dangerous predators lurking in the waters waiting to attack the humans. The girl screamed at the top of her lungs asking for help. She was also eager to get out of the waters. 

That is why her friend despite knowing that this is a harmless creature kept on teasing her. 

Then she realized that these are manatees which are considered to be herbivores since their diet consists of freshwater vegetation and sea grasses. 

Her priceless reaction was indeed one of the best and raw reactions ever captured on camera. 

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