Mar Roxas Challenged Duterte To Slap Him If He Could Prove That He Did Not Graduate From Wharton!

The war between Mar Roxas and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte started when Mar Roxas claims that the peace and order in Davao City is just a myth. 

These words did not make Digong happy saying that it is not for him to say that. The Davaoenos are the only ones who could say that since they are the one who are under Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. 

Digong said that he would be slapping Mar Roxas. Duterte fought back saying that the real myth is when Mar Roxas said that he is a graduate of the Wharton School of Economics. 

The two presidential candidates, even said that they would be slapping each other because of this issue. 

Based on the information that the University of Pennsylvania gave, Mar Roxas had a Wharton Undergrad Degree. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics but this does not mean that he is a Graduate of the Wharton School. 

For a person to be included in the list of Wharton Graduates, one must have completed a Master's degree which Mar did not. So yes, he is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania but not a Graduate of The Wharton School. 

But now that this issue is cleared, everyone thinks that it is about time that these politicians get back to stating their platforms for the country instead of bashing each other. 

Source: Abs-cbn

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