Massive Alien-Looking Sea Creature Was Washed Into The Shore. Where It Came From Was Unbelievable!

In a small town in California, the residents were horrified when they found a massive 'sea serpent' that has been washed into the sea shore. 

The creature appeared as if it was a beast or a creature that does not exist here in the earth. 

The body of the fish was found by a science instructor. The fish weighs more than 200 lbs. Fifteen people needed to work together to bring the fish closer to where they could see it clear in the shore. 

But the experts claim that the sea creature could possibly be an oar fish. Oar fishes could grow up to 50-feet in length. There are limited information about these species because it is usually found in the deep waters of the sea. 

The rumors claim that there had been a massive killing towards the species of the oarfish that is why more and more large sea creatures had been seen in the sea. 

Source: SizzlingFeed

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