Miss Colombia Released Her Statement After The Coronation Night Embarrassment!

The coronation night of the Miss Universe 2015 gained a lot of controversies after the host of the pageant mixed up the results crowning Miss Colombia as the winner. Then, Harvey went back upstage to fix his mistake announcing that the Miss Universe is Philippines. 

It was a very awkward moment between the contestants, especially that Miss Colombia was already celebrating and enjoying the night as the Miss Universe. 

The crown had to be taken off and to be given to the rightful owner who is Pia Wurtzbach, the Miss Universe 2015. 

At the backstage of the show, Miss Colombia released a statement thanking all the people who have voted for her and also stated that 'everything happens for a reason' when she was about to lose words, one of the candidates shouted to the rescue saying, 'We Love You Colombia!'

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