Miss Germany's Bitterness Towards Pia Wurtzbach Winning The Crown Goes Viral!

The Philippines rejoiced when Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was proclaimed as the Miss Universe 2015 winner. 

However, not all people are happy with the results of the coronation night. After the names of the winners were mixed up by the host Steve Harvey, a confusion was brought upon the candidates and the viewers of the competition. 

One of these people who were unsatisfied with the results is the candidate of Germany for the beauty pageant named  Sarah-Lorraine Riek. Her bitterness was expressed when she was interviewed after the coronation night. She claims that she did not vote for Miss Philippines.

“None of us voted for Miss Philippines, I am so sorry to say that. I really couldn’t believe it; I was so upset. For me, Miss Colombia is the real winner. I am very happy for her because she really deserved it. I’m really not happy with the result and so are the other girls,” she said. 

This statement had drawn a lot of attention. The netizens keep saying that the reason why Miss Germany was unable to take home the crown was because of her unpleasant attitude in accepting the decisions of the judges. 

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  1. actually, ms philippines or the top 3 didn't really needed the other constestants' votes, they needed the judge's and the audience's votes which Ms Philippines had and she deserved it