Miss Universe Host Committed A Mistake Announcing That Miss Colombia Is The Miss Universe 2015! UNBELIEVABLE!

A terrible mistake happened during the coronation night of the Miss Universe 2015 as the host of the pageant Steve Harvey named Miss Colombia as the winner. 

But as she was taking her first walk as the Miss Universe 2015 winner, the host went back up on stage and said, “I have to apologize,” then he added, “The first runner-up is Colombia.”

It was already a perfect night for Miss Colombia but all of her joy turned out to be a disappointment when Steve Harvey said that the winner of Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach

Talk about an awkward moment between the host, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. The reaction of Pia Wurtzbach when she realized what was happening is priceless. It was pure shock and happiness. 

The host showed the card to all the viewers saying that it was his honest mistake of announcing the wrong name as the winner of the competition. 

Everyone felt bad for Miss Colombia as she was already feeling and enjoying her moment, the crown had to be taken away from her to give it to Miss Philippines. 

Source: CNN, EliteNewsfeed

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  1. So what mistakes happen give the real Miss Universe her crown and move along gesh what is the problem it can't be two winners stfu already