Mo Twister Called Gab Valenciano's Wife A B*tch! MUST READ!

Mo Twister is one of the most straightforward personalities in the industry. He made several arguments in the past which are valid. Now, he faces another heated conversation on Instagram that involves DJ Angelicopter and the wife of Gab Valenciano Tricia Centenera. 

The brawl started when DJ Moetwister posted on Instagram stating that Lucas is his son, his only son. He expressed how much he loves him. 

Then the wife of Gab Valenciano named Tricia Centenera decided to comment on the post stating that Lucas is not DJ Mo's biological son. She also said that Lucas was taken away from his biological father.

This statement enraged DJ Angelicopter who is the girlfriend of  Mo Twister and the mother of Lucas. 

From then on, it was war on Instagram. Then Mo Twister tweeted this, saying that she could never criticize him without getting a taste of what she wanted. 

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