Mocha Uson Gained Praises From The Netizens After Sharing Her Thoughts About Endorsing Politicians!

Just recently, celebrities who were endorsing a specific politician for the 2016 presidential elections have been facing controversies.

What even made the controversies worse is when a member of the Mocha girls posted something about celebrities who were endorsing a political candidate.

On her first post, she claims that she doesn't really like it whenever celebrities are endorsing politicians in exchange for a huge amount of money.

On her second post, she explained what she really meant in her post. 

She also clarified that issue that Mocha Girls are supporting Duterte because they'll receive a lot of benefits from him.

She stated that they aren't the only ones who will benefit if ever Duterte will be the next president, but every Filipino.

With her post, she earned praises from the netizens. They claim that they salute her for her honesty and for her straightforward thoughts about the politicians of this generation.

Source: Danified

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