Mother And 3 Daughters Never Cut Their Hair. Watch Closely What Happens When They Turn Around! Incredible!

Rapunzel is known as a beautiful lady who lives inside the tower of the castle. She has a long hair that was never allowed to be cut. Some people claim that she only exists in fairy tales. But did you know that there is a family in Illinois that has the same long hair as Rapunzel?

For more than 15 years the mother Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell had grown her her to 73 inches long. It was never cut. Her daughters, then followed, her eldest has the same length, Cendalyn has 36 inches while the youngest has 26.25 inches. 

They have won several awards in their local town because of the unbelievable tradition that they have. 

But the mother Tere will not force her daughter if ever they change their minds about keeping their hair long. It will be their decision whether to cut it or not. 

Source: Diply

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