'No Make-Up' Simple Anne Curtis Showed How She Relaxes Off Cam!

Anne Curtis is one of the hottest personalities in the showbiz industry. In line with that, we often see her all dressed-up ready for the camera. But did you know that behind the full make up that Anne Curtis wears everyday is a stunning woman as well?

This video was a compilation of Anne Curtis' silly actions as she was prepared to go on a special trip along with her staff and crew. 

As seen on the video, she was with her dad as they were about to board a private plane that would take them to their destination. 

It shows how joyful and jolly her personality is when she is out of her work area. 

The genuine personality of Anne makes her shine in the positive way as she gives back to all her fans. Many people claim that Anne Curtis is truly an outstanding person on and off cam. 

This is the reason why her fans never fail to support her despite of the controversies being thrown at her. 

Source: ExtremeReaders, Viva Ent

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