Photographer Took His Models 350 Feet High, Then He Took These Photos! STUNNING!

Photographs are the proof that we have done something extraordinary. This would be the way to keep the happenings in a little paper. 

Most people wanted to have the best pictures of their lives so they would often hire someone who is an expert when it comes to these photos

But one photographer stood out from the rest because of his dangerous, yet stunning photos being taken. 

You would see the photos here. Jay Philbrick is not only an expert photographer. He is also a tourist guide so he knows all the perfect spot to take the amazing photos. 

Along with his wife named Vicki who is also a professional photographer they conquered their fears in height as they took photos of their models on the edge of the cliff located in echo lake state park. With a height of 350 feet, the models gamely posed for the camera as if they were not in a dangerous position.

Source: Mott

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