Ramon Baustista Took Time To Answer All His Bashers After The Controversial Political Ad Appearance!

After all the negative comments that the people had been giving him, Ramon Bautista speaks up regarding his controversial appearance on the Political Advertisement of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo. 

He claims that there is nothing wrong with supporting the Presidential Candidate that he thinks is the most suited for the position. 

Ramon gave the people some lesson that instead of wasting their time creating issues, why not think of how the future of the country will be fixed. He said that we are living in a democratic country so he is free to say his opinion. 

He even pointed the reasons on why he thinks Mar Roxas is the best candidate for him. He enlisted all of the projects that Mar Roxas was able to create for the country. 

But instead of being understood, the comments section of the post became a place to say their replies. 

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