Ramon Bautista Bashed For Supporting Mar Roxas! MUST READ!

Mixed emotions and feedbacks were given by the followers of Ramon Bautista after he appeared on the political video of the Presidential candidate Mar Roxas. 

Ramon Bautista is just one of the several artists who appeared in the video of Roxas-Robredo tandem. They were even having seen a fist bump. 

Many people claim that they are confused with the real intentions of Ramon Baustita in endorsing Mar Roxas. He was earlier seen in his show, 'Kontrabando' making fun of the scene, whereas Mar Roxas had an awkward fist bump with a kid. 

But now that he appeared in the political video, people are enraged, saying that he gave up his principle for the sake of money. 

However, the director Cristhian Escolano insisted that the stars in the MTV were all volunteers. No one was paid except the production team. 

Source: YouTube, Inquirer

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