'Real Face' Of Jesus Christ REVEALED By A Forensic Scientist!

The image of Jesus Christ has always been depicted as the Caucasian man with long hair that has the color of brown. His complexion was fair and his facial features were gentle. 

However, the leader of the forensic experts Dr. Richard Neave believes that the image is wrong. This is not how Jesus Christ should look like according to him. 

The retired medical artist took the time to study and recreate the face of the Son of the Creator. They used advanced forensic methods and Semite skulls. 

The image that they come up includes a wide face, short and curly hair and had dark skin. This is how they pictured out Jesus Christ. 

They claim that this is how the early Middle Eastern Jews look like. Many experts claim that what they discovered seems to be accurate to how the Jews look like in the Galilee than how the Renaissance painters depicted Jesus. 

But whatever the real image may be what is more important is our faith in Him. 

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