She's Been Following What Her Mom Wants. What Happens When Her Mom Told Her To Do What She Wants? Shocking!

Short stories are being uploaded online to give lessons to other people. It aims to provide them with the moral that they could use in their everyday lives. 

A Story of a Korean Student was uploaded online. This shows the every day life of a teenager who is trapped in a life that is being guarded by her mother to keep a great image for herself. 

Each day she studies hard because she and her mother had a deal that she could do whatever she wants if ever she passes the exams

She doubled out her effort to make sure that this would happen. The results of the exams came and the mother was so happy. She allowed the girl to do what she wanted. 

She went to the rooftop and jumped off. She wanted to end her life. This story was based on a real life story.

Source: 스낵비디오

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