She Was Given 90 Coins That Has A Secret Message, When She Found Out About It, It Was Already Too Late.

It is a basic rule in life that regrets are always in the end. That is why as much as possible you needed to risk and take a chance so that you will not miss out on your life. 

This is a story of love, dreams and regrets. 

One day, this man named Yu Yang decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him but she refused to. But he knew that giving up was not an option, so he asked her to meet him every day for the next 90 days and if no is still the answer then he will not continue to ask her. 

Every day, the man gives a coin to the woman. Until, she was able to complete the 90 coins. But she still accepted the offer for her to work in Paris. She chose her career over love. 

As she was living her dream in Paris, she accidentally saw one of the coins from her ex-boyfriend. That was when she realized that it had love letters inside. Each letter states a romantic message, especially made for her every day, for 90 days. 

It is hard to choose between love and career, especially if both matters to you. But sometimes, you need to think thoroughly about what will really make you happy. 

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