Showtime Is Going To End On 2016? Host Vhong Navarro Speaks Up Revealing The Truth!

There are rumors that Showtime will only be running up until February 2016. One of the hosts of the show, Vhong Navarro speaks up about these gossips. 

According to the Buy Now, Die Later star, he had no idea about these controversies. He claims that the management and the staff of It's Showtime has not given a word yet. 

He has no idea about these allegations. Then he was asked what if the Showtime will be removed, he said that he does not want to. But if that is the case, then, so be it. 

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For them, the best thing that they can do right now is to make sure that every viewer of the show enjoys what they had to offer with a smile on their faces. 

He crosses his fingers, praying that the show will not be removed since it has been running for 7 years now.

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