Single Woman In Japan Commonly Hires For A Boyfriend For Few Hours

Christmas Season is best spent together with your family, especially with your loved ones. It is great to sit down in front of the dinner table and have a great conversation. But there are some people who are not lucky enough to have found their greatest love. 

But did you know that there is a thing in Japan, whereas you could rent a boyfriend

Kyabakura or the host and hostess clubs are very common when it comes to the Japanese culture. But these kyabakuras could only be paid for entertainment.  Making love with them is highly discouraged. 

Based on the story in this video, 2 years are needed for training to meet the standards of being a host. 

However, the physical intimacy is not allowed because this might lead to the host falling in love with the client. The management of the clubs only seeks to those boyfriends-for-hire to make the women feel loved and secured emotionally for a couple of hours. 

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