Stewardess Devoted Her Time To Feed A Paralyzed Passenger! Heartwarming!

A stewardess on a flight to China moved the hearts of the people with the good deed that she did in the plane when a passenger named Niu, a 71-years old man who suffered from stroke could not feed himself. 

Niu could not use the spoon so the stewardess Fan Xuesong came to the rescue. She kneel down in front of the man and patiently feed him. Fan devoted and gave the effort to make sure that the passenger was taken care of. 

Photo Credit: CEN

The flight was heading to Haikou, China. Based on the article that was created by Chloe Lyme, Niu was a retired professor teaching medicine. But he suffered from a serious stroke that resulted to his paralyzed body

The man was not given the priority seat despite his condition that he is in wheel chair. 

Photo Credit: CEN

The stewardess transferred him in front where she could give all her attention. 

“The old man worked hard all his life, did contribute to society, we should be kind to him,” the stewardess said. 

The netizens were proud of what the woman did to this man.

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