Tear-Bursting Story Of A Husband Who Could Not Let Go Of His Wife!

Husband and wives are tying the knot simply because they wanted to spend their lifetime together. They wanted to be the person who will be beside each other as they took their last breaths. But what would you do if an unexpected incident happened that would require you to let go of your other half?

This short story entitled 'Alice Jacobs is Dead' will surely put tears to your eyes. The story revolves around a husband and wife who loves each other so much. 

But a virus ravaged their society which ruined the humanity. Dr. Ben Jacobs, a genius scientist and a loving husband was able to find a way to fight the virus. His beloved wife was infected with the virus and everyday he would inject her with the potion that he had made to stop her from going wild. It would stop her for a bit but not all the way. She was living half of her life

The husband still believes that his love and care for his wife will save her from the infection when science and medicine failed to do so. 

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