The Next Internet Sensation Is Discovered, She Is The Next Yaya Dub Indeed!

Lip Synching has been a trend in this generation. Especially when the application DubSmash became famous to all the smartphone users. Since then, a lot of videos of the people doing it had gone viral. 

One of the people who became famous for her lip synching is this Hotel and Restaurant Management student of Saint Columbian College named Sammie Rimando.

Her compilation video of the lip synching that is mostly involving fast songs with rapping included. Because of her stunning ability to execute the lyrics of the rap song, she has gained a lot of followers on Facebook. She has more than fifty thousand followers aside from her 4 thousand friends. 

Her video had almost one and a half million in total. People claim that they wanted to see more. Her talent plus her beauty really won the hearts of the social media users. Some even say that she could be the next Yaya Dub.

Source: Sammie Rimando

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  2. Cute nga tong girl na toh! nkktuwa mga dubsmash nya..kaabang abang!