Tips On How To Prevent Having A Bad Breath! MUST WATCH

The saliva in our mouths has a major role of cleansing it with the help of the chemicals that they carry. It is the duty of the saliva to remove the bacteria in the mouth. 

Doctor Liza Ong has tips for everyone to prevent themselves from having a bad breath. 

One of the simplest techniques to prevent it is to brush the teeth three times a day. Then, there is a need for dental floss so that the plaques in between the teeth could be removed. 

A tongue cleaner is needed as well because there is a foul smell behind the tongue. Alcohol-free mouthwash also helps maintain a fresh breath all through the day. 

Visiting the dentist every six months also helps clean out the teeth and the mouth.

They are advising everyone to avoid excessive eating of garlic, onion and chili because their odor stays in the mouth for 24 hours. 

These are just some of the tips that Dr. Ong has to give to the people. 

Source: Dr Willie Ong

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