TRUTH REVEALED: Pope Francis Admires The Honesty Of Mayor Duterte!

The public hate towards Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is now rising as his video cursing the Pope went viral over the social media sites.

The video was taken when he was giving a speech in front of an audience. It was the duration when the Pope had his Papal Visit.

This of course offended a lot of people. Aside from the fact that he said that the number of people who will be dead especially the drug dealers and users which is an inhumane act. This issue became another gasoline that fueled the fire.

A satirical news had been spreading that the Pope gave a comment about the politician saying, "I was amazed by the fact that a politician who is aiming at the highest position could be this honest. It was a first encounter for me to see a politician being honest about his concerns for his country other than kissing my hands for the sole purpose of getting the support of the majority of the Catholic population."

But this statement is untrue. This is another hoax news that had gone viral over the social media sites.

Though this news is a hoax, Duterte said that he is open to withdraw his candidacy in case that the Vatican is still offended with what he said. He said that he is willing to step down.

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