Twin Wedding Of The Century: Identical Twin Brothers Marries Identical Twin Sisters Officiated By Twin Priests! INSANE!

A rare wedding took place at the St. Xavier's Church in Kerala, India. It was dubbed as the 'twins wedding of the century' because of the fact that the marriage had two sets of twins and also the wedding officiators are twin priests as well. 

The guests needed to take a closer look because these newly weds will surely blow your mind.

The brothers and identical twins Dinker and Dilraj Varikkasserry married another set of identical twins named Reena and Reema. 

The boys had their whole life together, from school until they got their jobs. They knew that they needed to find the perfect identical twins to marry as well. After the long search that took 5 years, they have finally married these women.

But what makes the wedding better was that the wedding officiators were also twins named Rezi and Roy Manaparambil. Talk about doubles. They also had identical bridesmaids and pageboys!

This is truly the 'Twin Wedding Of The Century!'

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