Unseen Footage: Other Miss Universe Candidates Disrespected Pia Wurtzbach

Many people are enraged with the unseen footage of how the other Miss Universe candidates showed disrespect towards Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach who was hailed as the Miss Universe 2015. 

This video was taken after Pia was crowned as the Miss Universe 2015. Since there was a confusion with the results after Steve Harvey, the host of the pageant announced the wrong winner. 

As seen in this footage, Pia Wurtzbach went straight to Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez to comfort her and see if she was alright. But the other candidates started pushing her away as if she was not a part of their group. Afterwards, these girls started shouting 'Colombia, Colombia' in order to make her feel better. 

No one noticed Pia until one of the staff of the pageant took her when everyone was ignoring her giving their sympathy over the de-crowned woman. 

The netizens got furious over this video stating that these girls do not know how to accept defeat. Their attitude is the reason why they were not crowned as the Miss Universe. 

Pia won the competition because of the judges' votes, she did not steal the crown from anyone. She was crowned because she deserved to win. 

Source: YouTube

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