Using Of Phone And Computer Regularly Before Sleeping Kills You Slowly!

In this generation, whereas the technology is one of the most needed change, the body is still adapting to this change. With the help of these gadgets such as laptops, computers and even smartphones, we could surf all night staying up without a hassle. 

However, did you know that when you are staying up too late the brightness of the gadget that you are using is causing you danger?

These artificial lights that are emitted by the gadgets, tricks our body thinking that it is already daytime. Thus, the production of melatonin is being suppressed. And when a person has low melatonin it could damage the cells in the body, causing cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and other diseases. 

The only way that you could prevent the suppression of the melatonin from the body is to reduce all the lights that are present in the room. Having a red light is the only one that could not damage the melatonin production

Do not use gadgets with bright screens for at least 2 hours before you go to bed. 

When the daytime approaches, be sure that you will be getting light from the sun. Natural is better.

Source: TheDailyPedia

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