Woman Loses 100 Kilograms After Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend! Unbelievable!

There had been a lot of inspiring stories online, but then I must admit that I find this story the most inspiring.

This 51-year-old woman named Patty Sanchez used to weigh 320 kilograms when she's still in a relationship with her boyfriend who happens to be a feeder. After their breakup, Patty Sanchez' weight surprisingly dropped off to 215 kilograms.

After her breakup with her boyfriend, she realized that she should start taking care of herself. 

With the help of her sons, she was able to lose weight, they helped her stay away from unhealthy foods which includes fast food chains.

After losing weight, she was so glad and proud of herself because she can now do a lot of things alone, she can now walk, bathe, and paint her toenails.

Source: SizzlingFeed

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