Woman Rejects The Wedding Proposal Of Her BF Because The Diamond On The Ring Was Too Small!

In China, a strange woman turned down the proposal of her boyfriend to tie the knot and her reason was really unacceptable. 

The woman said that the diamond on the ring that the boyfriend bought for her was not big enough for her to accept the marriage proposal. 

The loving boyfriend prepared the surprise in Chengdu Street located in the southwest of China's Sichuan Province. The people around the place witnessed how overwhelmed the woman was at first when she saw the dancers that was hired by her loving boyfriend. They prepared a little performance  to make the proposal better. 

The woman was even spotted walking in tears towards the unidentified man who prepared this. 

But when he went to kneel down and showed the ring to her, the reaction of the woman was priceless. She turned around and walked away without saying anything. 

After the incident, a WeChat conversation went viral online, the woman keeps on insisting that the diamond on the ring was not big enough. That is the reason why she did not accept the proposal. 

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