This Woman Searched For The Kind Man Who Paid For Her Groceries, But What She Discovered After Was Shocking!

This woman had trouble as she was paying for her groceries at a local supermarket in California for she have left her debit car at her home. Jamie Lynne-Knighten had another card but it was constantly being denied because it was a Canadian card. She was about to give up and tell the cashier to get a hold of her purchases and she will be back after she got her card. 

Photo Credit: Jamie-Lynne Knighten

But a very kind man offered her help by paying for her groceries, she refused, but the man still insisted and requested to pay it forward which means helping out other people. 

Matthew Jackson paid for her groceries. A week after Jamie had to call him to thank him once again for paying the $200 groceries, but Matthew's boss told him that he had already passed away. 

Photo Credit: MatthewsLegacy

It saddened Jamie, she knew that she had to share the good deed that Matthew did for her before he got caught in an accident. 

Source: CBC

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