7 Terrifying Flesh-Eating Parasites Found In The Human Body

People tend to feel some itchiness, scratches and soreness. But not all doctors could easily find the solution to this problem. Especially if there is a living parasite feeding on the flesh on the human body

These parasites that were found in the body will really give you goosebumps. 

1. Tapeworm in a Chinese man's body that he got from eating too much Sashimi

2. Spider living in the Appendix Scar of Dylan Thomas, 21 who got it in a vacation in Bali. 

3. Botfly maggots creating noises inside of the head of a man named Aaron Dallas of Carbondale, US. 

4. Couple found flesh-eating botflies in their bodies. Bryan Willans and Ally Vagg found these bugs growing in their skin.

5. Man's foot being dug by a parasitic bug. Matthew O' Donnell got the bug when he became a volunteer in Tanzania. The bug was called Chigoe Flea

6. From a man's eye, a 5-inch parasitic worm was removed. Indian Man P.K. Krisnamurth had to undergo a surgery for this. 

7. Colony of flesh eating parasites found in the body of a Chinese man named Mr. Ma from Guangzhou

These cases are really horrifying so the next time that you see soreness or feel itchy, be sure to have it checked to be safe.

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