700-year-old mummy was spotted 2 meters under the road surface!

The Chinese road workers in the Tanzou City in the Jiangsu province of China were left in shock after they found a mysterious box under the surface of the road! 

They claim that they were actually digging the road surface and just after 2 meters of digging, they came across this mysterious box! 

It turns out that the box was a wooden coffin containing a 700-year-old woman mummy.

Chinese Archaeologists quickly concluded that it was a corpse of a highly respected woman during the Ming Dynasty because of the clothes she's wearing! 

What surprised them even more is the way the mummy was preserved. They claim that it was so preserved that you can see that the woman features from her head to toe were in perfect condition! 

They also added that the said mummy has been buried for about 700 years under the road surface! 

Source: YouTube

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