This Boyfriend Stays Awake Until 4 In The Morning To Do This To His Girlfriend! True Love!

Despite being tagged as a 'mild condition', Diabetes is one of the most fatal diseases. It is connected with thousands of death across the world. Compared to other diseases, if not taken care of the person could easily lose their lives. 

A man who has a girlfriend suffering from diabetes caught the attention of the netizens because of the unbelievable effort that he puts in to make sure that his girl will be alright. 

Kortney Reid has difficulty coping up with her diabetes so her boyfriend Kylle Cota makes sure that she gets the attention and care needed. Being an insomniac, he stay up until 4am to check on the blood sugar of her girlfriend. 

Without interrupting her slumber, he gave her an insulin shot. He claims that he keeps on doing it because he is worried about her condition constantly. He completely does it for the sake of love.

Source: YouTube

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