Controversial: Jayda Zaragoza Says, 'I Don't Want To Be The Ariana Grande Of the PH'! Find Out The Reason Here!

Jayda Avanzado's fans are starting to grow as the people see her potentials in singing just like her parents, Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza. 

Many people are admiring her for having the mesmerizing talent in singing as well. She could be a great part of the music industry because of her exceptional talent. 

Several song covers of hers are seen on the social media sites and most of them are songs of Ariana Grande. Jayda admits that she has not found her own style yet. 

Her powerful renditions of the hit songs of Ariana resulted to her being tagged as the Ariana Grande of the Philippines. 

However, she clearly said,  "First off all, it's a really great compliment to hear that. But in all honesty and with due respect, I don't wish to be exactly like her. Sure, I'd like to think of her as an inspiration and motivation for me as I am building up my career. But I don't want to just model myself after her, because I want to be Jayda Avanzado, not really the Ariana Grande of the Philippines, like I said, it's a huge compliment but I am not in anyway trying to copy her.”

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